Seniors for Seniors has closed in March 2017, so we are no longer in need of volunteers and foster homes.

Seniors for Seniors is looking for new volunteers! The top two categories (foster homes and help at our adoption center) are our biggest areas of need right now.

Foster homes:
None of our cats live in cages, so we are in need of foster parents who will care for our cats until they find homes.  If you have space in your home or an extra room, consider temporarily housing a mature kitty! If you are interested in fostering, please fill out our Foster Application.

Help at our adoption center:
Seniors for Seniors needs volunteers to come help care for the cats in our adoption center in Rockville, Maryland. Schedules are flexible, though we request a minimum commitment of two visits per month. Responsibilities include giving the cats food and water, sweeping and cleaning the adoption center, and scooping the litter boxes. Optionally, you can help out with other occasional projects – constructing cat towers, clipping cats’ nails, rearranging the cat room. The adoption center is a fun place for a cat lover! There are lots of cats there who love the extra attention. Please fill out our Volunteer Application if interested.

Help at events:
Seniors for Seniors does several adoption events a month, mostly at senior centers.  We are particularly in need of volunteers who can come help out during the day on weekdays, but any help is appreciated.  Volunteer responsibilities include setting up and taking down cages at the events, helping to distribute refreshments and educational materials, and helping potential adopters meet the cats. Please fill out our Volunteer Application if interested.

Like most non-profit organizations, S4S is in need of more funding to provide veterinary and other care for our cats.  Any ideas and help for fundraising events are welcome! Please fill out our Volunteer Application if interested.

Seniors for Seniors is looking for a secretary to keep track of cats’ records and the organization’s fundraising. Please fill out our Volunteer Application if interested.